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Teachers are Leaders

The kidYOUniversity team is comprised of top global educators, coaches, and mindset strategists.  Each member of the KidYOU team is dedicated to their own personal growth and living lives filled with deep impact.

Students take Center-Stage

The focus is on LEARNING. In KIDYOU, not only is there a staff of kid DIRECTORS who test and approve all content, but we focus on empowerment and bring in leaders who can help our young members to achieve "dream goals" now. Our courses not only cover emotional intelligence, but also skills, such as Speaking on the Stage, TED talks for KIDS, Becoming an author, and even entrepreneurship.

"EPIC" is a lifestyle

Our goal is to show our young learners their possibility.  As the kidYOU platform grows, opportunities for the students to have community experiences will multiply, as well. Our masterminds, live streaming, and challenges are geared to promote a lifestyle of learning, healthy daily routines, and mindfulness.

Global and Digital Intelligence

Educators have been recruited from around the globe to bring their unique perspectives and expertise to the kidYOUniversity family. Why are students so happy in Finland?  What strategies help students in Singapore to be so creative?  KidYOU provides ACCESS in a creative and loving format for those who matters most- our children.

Meet Our Founder

Gahmya Drummond-Bey is a Bestselling author, TED speaker, and global curriculum designer.  After traveling to over 20 countries to redesign learning platforms, Gahmya learned top learning strategies and became eager to democratize quality education in a way that helped shape conscious, happy, and successful future leaders.  

This is your village!

We LOVE you!

Frequently Asked Questions

The first 30 days are FREE! Currently, there are two animated writing courses, an animated newsletter, and bedtime meditations. New courses and experiences are uploaded twice a month.  The Kids' Mastermind series launches in March! 

Your trial period lasts for 30 AMAZING DAYS! 

The number of lessons vary for each course.  Some courses have as many as 12 lessons, as well as bonus meditations, affirmations, or fun exercise routines. 


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